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Transforming your Personal brand to make you feel Empowered and Confident!

You’re finding yourself feeling a bit bored with your look. You are lacking confidence and clarity with your style, Or you’re simply looking for a change and You are ready to level up. First impressions are, and always will be IMPORTANT. Especially when it comes to building your personal brand.

Ask yourself: Are you dressed appropriately for your brand and your image? When you invest in yourself, you Feel More Confident About Your Appearance.

Your FREE Camera Confidence Guide is here!

It’s all about having confidence in front of cameras today. Those who look confident in videos are growing incredibly and getting more business. I have curated a free guide after helping more than 60 women become more confident and empowered.

How to Empower yourself through your own Personal Style

​​All women have different body types and bring their own individuality to style, but it’s frustrating when you can’t find the clothing in the style or fit that helps you confidently flaunt your figure and express who you truly are. There are 80% of women wearing the wrong colours for their skin tone that wash them out. I can help! My name is Claire Chen, your image coach. Your colour & style expert and the founder of THE IMAGE CONSULTING to help women over 35 to develop your personal brand style and build your confidence from the inside out to transform the way you view yourself to gain more success in your life. You deserve to be beautiful and be seen.

Claire Chen

Image Coach, Style Expert

Image Consulting Services

Personalized and Customized services for You

Style Transformation

Image Makeover

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How it works

Virtual Consultation

We will discuss goals & challenges. Your preferences and will find style inspiration from your own lifestyle reflecting your true values.

Dress to Express

I will discover your WOW colors, personal style traits, and dresses that match your personality. You will start feeling empowered at this step.

Empowered YOU

With your closet detox and designing capsule wardrobe, you will have matching dresses and a clear idea of what to wear every day. You will have answers to all your questions with 100% clarity & confidence.

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Personal styling tips for women over 35!

Use your style as a tool to stand out, and be noticed and to reinforce yourself as a professional person to Increase Your Visibility

Dress for a Petite Body


Accessorize an Outfit With Jewelry

Virtual Interview Tips

Your Image boost Your Confidence

Why Invest In Your Image?

Save time & be efficient

Show up and dress smartly and bring back the joy of dressing that matches your personality.

Tailored Signature style

We analyze your lifestyle, skin tone, color preferences, budget, and goals to make you feel confident and comfortable.

Be Influential with Powerful Image

Establish a cohesive visual presentation to set you apart and make you look your best.

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Women in business over 35 , she is highly motivated and needs help to shake up her lifestyle, make a change, or find a way to express her  personality and her personal brand. She is ready to change, she starts another career, or advances for a higher position. She wants to look good, dress well, feel empowered and boost confidence. And she realizes her old work wardrobe is not appropriate for a new way of life.

We will do a virtual consultation and the opportunity to get to know one another. Through this meeting, we will gain insight into your goal, lifestyle, your profession and your struggles and what you would like to achieve. At the end we will create a suitable package that works for you.

My mission is simple. I want to help you to feel confident in what you wear that says about your personality , and gain the visibility you desire. You can walk with confidence and your head held high. You can be unapologetically you, wear what you love, dress for yourself and not someone else. You feel amazing about who you are at this moment in your life, beyond your age, body shape and profession.

The only difference between our in-person image consulting services and our virtual image consulting services is the location! You will receive the same information, knowledge, and value all without having to leave the comfort of your own home! We set up coaching sessions via zoom or WhatsApp call. Every virtual image consulting service is customized to fit your lifestyle, career, personality, personal brand, and social activities.

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