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When I was young, in the morning I would watch my mother get dressed and put on her makeup with fascination. She would never leave the house without looking beautifully pulled together. She would tell me when you look good you feel confident, you also make other people feel good. My mom has been my biggest influence in my life. I believe this has become one of the reasons why I am passionate about fashion and beauty.

After my graduation in Blanch Macdonald where I studied fashion merchandising and makeup artistry in Vancouver. I started out as a professional makeup artist in Estee Lauder, my passion has grown even more, I knew I needed something more to continue my career. I pursued my fashion journey further at the London College of Fashion in the UK while studying editorial makeup & styling and freelancing. I have extensive knowledge of skin care and makeup experience through working for the prestigious beauty brands: Armani, YSL and Dior. At Italy’s Istituto Marangoni, I graduated with a master’s degree in fashion styling. In Milan, I was a marketing assistant in the D&G showroom and gained a lot of experience working with photographers and models as a freelance stylist.

After returning to Canada, I was living in Montreal and working for a fashion clothing company as a senior assistant buyer. Loving it! The company went through structural changes and I was let go!

Once I absorbed the planned changes, “Then I asked myself a hard question, such as, “Working for a corporate environment and chasing a fancy title is it something that drive me? and ‘Soon after I found another job. I once again began to put all my time and effort into my work and ignored my well-being, resulting in my physical and mental health suffering significantly. In additional my husband’s career saw him traveling a lot at the time. I started feeling alone as well, and I wasn’t getting any fulfillment from my job.

I would put on makeup and dress up for work and pretend everything was fine. Looking good from the outside even though I knew something inside of me was missing. What was missing? Me! I ignore to look inside of myself and find my true passion.

 Feeling insecure and lost in my direction I lost my confidence. I remember clearly when I was working in the cubicle, looking at two computer screens every day there was an inner voice of me got louder and louder and in my head I knew I would want to do something impactful. The journey began, I chose to listen to my inner self to find my own identity and finally I had the breakthrough.

Now living in Toronto with over 15 years of experience working in the corporate world of retail fashion and beauty industry. I have found my purpose and passion to help more women to reach their full potential by bringing out their inner beauty to feel confident.

Do you want to continue the journey with me in helping you discover your confidence to make the difference in your world! Let us discover together your personal image that flatters and reflects you from the inside out. I am excited to work with you, and together we will create possibilities.

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